Single and Waiting

Single and Waiting

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If you do not know who Boaz is, he’s a character from the Book of Ruth in the Bible. He noticed Bat Poop a foreigner called Ruth, took interest in her and instantly started to protect her. He instructed his male servants not to put a hand on her and treated her like a queen. He understood that she was the girl for him when he first saw her. Today, many Christian women compare his qualities into those of the man they want in a husband; a guy who’ll take care, protect, and treat them like queens.

Whether you have not met him yet or you believe you have but you’re still technically single, you may often end up wondering “where’s he?!” Just based on our feelings of openness, we put all of the blame on him.

I would like to make a suggestion that maybe this guy is chosen for us by God and this picked King will come if the Queen is really and truly prepared. Just because we’re tired of the single life, we feel like we’re ready to settle down, we’re in love or have met the man of our dreams doesn’t mean we’re prepared for the purpose that God intends us to execute a match for his preferred Boaz. We will need to be open and prepared to receive this guy, emotionally fit so that we’ve got something to offer. Here are a few things to consider while awaiting your future hubby to arrive:

#1 Stop blaming him for not having the ability to meet your need to get married just because you think you’re ready! Everything happens for a reason and possibly the reason that you’re waiting is because you aren’t as prepared as you think.

Have a look at yourself and ask if there’s anything which you could work on to make yourself the very best you there is to offer you. Are there any youth problems that haunt you or hold you back? Are there secrets you’ve not discussed that have shaped you into who you are today? Did you get a few undesirable traits from your parents that you just wish you had not? What about previous relationships that you hold resentment or pity about? Now’s the time to reflect and confront any demons or extra baggage that you carry. Try counseling or treatment and prayer that will assist you talk about it. This won’t be easy, however God is watching, and he will not let you move forward because He wants one to lose some things from yesteryear. These items can get in the way of this function He needs you to perform paired with your spouse and your objective. Your marital stagnation might not be Boaz’s fault whatsoever. Your future hubby will require a helpmate not a patient.

#3 Have you ever listened to the lyrics of this song”Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu? It is quite deep and the message is clear. The bag lady depicted in the song is not carrying physical bags but the psychological kind. She says”Bag lady you gon’ miss your bus, you can not hurry up, cuz you have a lot of stuff”,”one day, he gon’ say you crowding my space”. The lyrics elude to the fact that carrying too much luggage will delay life progress, slow down you from establishing successful relationships. It may get in the way of a present relationship, creating uncertainty by your mate that there’s sufficient space for him together with your emotional baggage. Spend time of waiting, representing and challenging yourself to find out more about you and confront the difficult stuff BEFORE you bind your man into marriage.

#4 It does not have to be that profound. If in review of yourself your findings state that you’re not emotionally challenged but nonetheless Boaz is still not here, then use the opportunity to check off a couple bucket list items. Experience something new, find new things.

Often times when you take the attention off of what you do not have and put it in helping others, God will start to respond to your needs (this is how I met my husband).

My point is, if you take the attention off of him and invest it NOTHING but good can come from it. One of three things will occur.

#2 You know more about yourself; your confidence level goes through the roof and enhances your odds of being noticed by the man of your dreams.

#3 After making these improvements to yourself you might understand that the man you were waiting on is not the Boaz you believed he was and you deserve better. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that!

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