Create your path

Create your path

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“The road less traveled,” what exactly does that mean? It is a choice. It is a thought about how one chooses to live his/her life. Thousands of smaller options support the main selection or purpose of one’s life. Many of the options are made at a subconscious level, never-the-less the choices are internal; each option taking the soul further along its chosen path or diverting it to a new adventure or unscheduled stopover on the way.

It is these extended experiences that allow you to recognize that you are on course or not, because you evaluate your life from a point of connection. For instance if you realize that you have run of the road into the ditch, you also see that you are not on the road moving in your intended direction.

You might be led to the East coast from the West, and how long it takes you is determined mostly by how many times you have turned north or south. The road less travelled is more or less made up of these side trips. The journey from East to West never ends and you finally encounter the starting point.

Your trip can last as much as a single heartbeat or extended over several lifetimes. Previous choices need not be re-experienced in any other life in order to achieve enlightenment. It’s the natural order of all that is to move forward. The knowledge does not die with the individual but becomes common knowledge in the collective. Our choices become apparent in our lifetime during the physical objects that we bring and bring into our lives.

We create the road less travelled through choice. By accessing the knowledge that is ours through previous lifetimes, we can enrich our lives in this period of time. The road less travelled is yours distinctively. Nobody else can experience it in the exact same manner; your life can never be duplicated, only replicated. Your life makes for good copy, with all its side trips and tourist traps that have been chosen in a lifetime. Others will want to follow and have the same experiences. None will have the ability to achieve what you’ve done.

The road less travelled is your life’s experiences, it’s what you’re doing here, Palm Bay Raccoon Trapping Services, it is not a place you go to, it is what you are creating. The journey is in fact a road that no one else can travel. Don’t hunt, the road less travelled, create it.

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